Dynamics CRM

Feature Requests in Dynamics

Everybody was already thinking of a feature, which is missing in CRM. But how can you tell Microsoft, to add this feature?

The first possibility is, to talk to your Microsoft Key Account Manager. They can forward this information to the product group.

Another possibility is, to create a Microsoft Premiere Case. This will be expensive and might not help in case of a feature request.

But there is another option:

You can check, if another user also had the need of your feature and added an “IDEA” to the Microsoft Portal (https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/). You can also add your own idea, if you can’t find it in the current database.

But be aware, not every entry is really processed by Microsoft. Only ideas, that have many up votes, will be considered by Microsoft. Therefore its better, to check if your idea is already in the database and add you up vote.