Customization, Dynamics CRM

Quick create not opening from subgrid

I created a new custom entity and added a subgrid of this new entity to my account entity. Clicking the Plus in the right, upper corner the system opens a new line with a magnifying glass (like it shows in the screen below) instead of the quick create flowing from the top.

Lookup instead of the quick create form

But I’d like to open a quick create for this entity. Therefore, check if the “Allow quick create” is ticked in the entities properties.

Enabling quick create on the entity's properties

Also check, if you have created a Quick Create Form. Therefore, in the forms, there have to be a form of the type “Quick Create”.

Quick create form

This are the pre-requirements for a quick create.

To get the quick create shown on clicking the plus, also set the corresponding field to business required. This means, in my entity I changed the property of the account lookup (in this case my regarding) to “business required”.

Setting the field to business required

After saving and publishing all changes, the desired quick create was shown.

Quick create flowing from the top