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Stop sending appointment-invitation to attendees

Based on my previous post, CRM is sending appointments automatically to the attendees. But what if you don’t want CRM to send this appointments?

The system itself has no option, to disable this behavior, but there is a workaround. This is not just configurable in CRM but also on Exchange.

How is this working:

  1. Add information to the appointment, which shows, that this appointment must not be sent.
  2. Add a rule to exchange, to prevent sending the message.


First we have to write a plugin, that adds a specific information to the appointment-body. In my example, I’ll add the text “—SendNoInvitationToAttendees—„. This text will be added to the end of the body. I’m using a plugin, because if I only use javascript, this text won’t be added, if a user tracks an appointment in outlook.

I added a sample code, which adds the information, if there are attendees:

Next, we have to register this plugin on the appointment with the following configuration:

  1. Create
    1. pre-operation
  2. Update
    1. pre-operation
    2. Filtering Attributes: optionalattendees, requiredattendees, description
    3. Image
      1. Parameters: optionalattendees, requiredattendees, description


Now, after adding attendees to the appointment, the text will be added to the end of your description. After saving, CRM will send the appointment. Therefore we need step two. We have to add an exchange rule:

Exchange rule to prevent sending appointment
Exchange rule to prevent sending appointment


In my case, all users outside of the organization don’t get the appointment.